OBE Guru

Darryl E Berry Jr

Lucid Dreaming for OBE Course – ASC-2106-4-01

Lucid Dreaming for OBE Course – ASC-2106-4-01

COURSE DURATION: June 27th through August 9th

Meeting Days: Sundays Starting Sunday 28th

Meeting Times: TBD

A 6-week systematic and practical course in learning how to lucidly dream and then initiate an out-of-body experience from a lucid dream state. The book Travel Far by Darryl E Berry Jr is the course book (see the Writings link in the website Menu). It’s necessary that you take this course within 3 months of completing Developmental Basics.

Graduates of the Lucid Dreaming OBE course can volunteer to assist with future courses.


  • Completion of Basic level studies within 3 months.


  • 4 weeks of practice


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