First OBE in a While

I’ve been out of practice for a bit, and started up again with my latest group of students. A bit distracted, still I pushed forward to get an OBE for them. It was the 29th of July (2020). I’d fallen asleep reading a novel and awoke naturally at 4 AM after about 4 hours of sleep. I brushed my teeth and then read Travel Far by Darryl E Berry Jr for motivation. Then I turned off my monitor and keyboard to make the room darker, as the light from the keyboard and screens (which I also turned off) seemed irritating. I was off last night so was able to get to sleep and practice earlier, and it was still dark outside and thus almost completely dark in the room after turning off the keyboard and dimming and moving the mouse. The screens, mouse, and keyboard all seemed brighter – perhaps given the darkness of the night.

Start time: 6:15 AM
End time: 7:05 AM

I sat and started with my 4-2 Meditation technique. It wasn’t a spectacular session but I was generally focused (not too many lapses of attention) and I made it through the phases of the meditation. Then I started focusing on a mantra while sitting, and after practicing sitting for a while I went to lay down. I don’t quite remember whether I just had a few flashes of imagery or whether I was further into imagery when I went to lay down. I kept forgetting which mantra I was using or intending to use and had to keep refocusing on the one I had intended – the name of a character in a novel I’m reading who can see and interact with strange creatures: Athena (from Malorie, the Bird Box sequel).

I lay and continued the mantra… A…The… Na… and I had several lapses of attention and need to refocus. I’m certain I had some minor flashes of imagery, or at least drifts into reverie, while sitting. At one point while lying down and practicing I had some strong imagery as if I were looking at a movie screen of a bunch of people in a shooting range shooting at targets. What caught my attention was that the shooter on the left was shooting tracer rounds, and I could see the glowing round curve near the end of its trajectory before hitting the wall or target. It went straight, and then six or so feet before the wall it dipped down and back up like making a bowl shape in the air and then continued. I pondered how the bullet could be moving like that, which had me zoom in on that area of the shooting range, in the far-left corner of the target area right in front of the left most target. I wasn’t fully immersed in the imagery at this point but close. It was at this point a level 5.5 theta experience at least – not quite fully immersive like a lucid dream, but definitely more involved and realistic and immersed than just seeing imagery play out. It was as if my visual aspect was immersed, but I didn’t have a bodily sense in the imagery like a full lucid dream or full immersive imagery.

Then I noticed the scene looking as if being sped up, like fast forwarded. Rags/targets were being put up and taken down, and the area was being cleaned. I couldn’t see anyone, just materials moving like a stop motion movie sped up. This went on for some time and it was amazing to watch, and held my attention. I’d forgotten I was practicing and was just watching this sped up stop motion near-immersive movie play out.

Then I became aware of someone in my apartment. I sat up and looked at the man who was standing there looking at me. He was standing near the front door. He was short and bald. The apartment looked like my normal physical apartment. The guy reminds me in fact of that character in that movie, Austin Powers. Not him but a similar look and build, and slightly older and bald. He wore what seemed like sleeping clothes, but not properly pajamas. He seemed to be holding a blanket or something, maybe a pillow or pillowcase.

I had the impression that he didn’t say anything because I was engaged in practices, and he thought he was being polite. And when I got up, he started to politely leave. Not seeing anything polite about the matter I was wanting to know how he got inside the apartment. I wondered if I left the door unlocked.

I started walking towards him when I realized it was a dream. “Thank you” I said, as I walked past him and outside of the front door (which I don’t recall opening and can’t be certain if it was already open or not). Leaving my dream front door open, I flew out over the balcony. I then decided to get OBE, but the next experience seemed dreamy. I ended up somewhere else. I was floating. I decided to feel and see if I was really floating out-of-body or if I was in an imagery trap, and I felt in the background that I was floating or hovering or moving. I applied a small intent on trying to clear my awareness or resolve my OBE state, but it didn’t work. My awareness was still a bit fuzzy. I did some intending on my nonphysical body, or to move in certain directions. I did feel some background sensation of movement and that sticky type electric movement or body awareness typical of my early experience type or early starting out close-to-physical-body movement.

I decided to start over and centered myself and went to sit up and move manually out of my physical body. My awareness was still a bit hazy, but I experienced sitting up and seeing myself rise forward and I noticed my window to the left, with early morning sunlight starting to seep through. I leaned towards the window and went out through it, intending to float and hover over the first floor roof. I did lift off and out through the window, hovering in the early morning air over the back roof of the first floor of the apartment building.

I looked down at the ground behind the apartment and it didn’t look right. The scene still seemed dreamy. And there was blackness like the tar colored road that wound behind the building, but with a white square or rectangular area in the center, like I was looking at the black tar roadway with a white area painted across the part of the road opposite my window. With the fuzziness and this apparent anomaly I deemed it to be a dream or too dreamy and soon the experience ended, or I decided to end the experiment for dreaminess. I then got up to journal.

Afterthoughts: Looking (physically) out of my window just now to see what may have been the case. I’d forgotten there’s a satellite dish directly forward outside my window, towards the edge of the first floor roof. At a certain angle with hazy vision I can see how it can make the tar-colored road seem to have a line or box of white painted across it. With that detail accounted for, thus suggesting an unusually smooth lift off with very hazy vision.

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