About the OBE Guru

My name is Darryl E Berry Jr, founder of Next Density Center. I’m a long-time practitioner, researcher, and observer of all things metaphysical, mystical, and cutting edge, including the out-of-body experience, extraterrestrial life, consciousness development, psychic ability, spirituality especially A Course in Miracles and other non-dualistic thought, and fourth-density thought.

You can visit my personal website at www.darryleberryjr.com. To join practical courses and classes, contact information, and information on my current futhttp://www.darryleberryjr.comure publications, visit Next Density Center at www.nextdensity.org. I offer in-person and online lectures, workshops, and question & answer sessions. I’m also available for radio, online, and television interviews. If you’d like an appearance in your area or location or on your show please contact me via the contact page. If you’d like me to appear on your favorite show please notify the management of the show.